What kind of camera do you use? Depending on who, when, where, I use my iPhone X or Canon Rebel T3i.

Why did you start a blog? I LOVE reading blogs, browsing bloggers Insta's and gaining inspiration from them. I would love to be that inspiration for someone else! I get entirely too excited scouring Amazon and finding great deals and think others would love some of the cool things I find!

Why did you name your blog House of Dayton? Dayton is a family name and a way for my to honor my father and daughter.

Is your hair color natural, what salon do you go to? Natural in the sense that I am a blonde. Not natural in the fact that I do get highlights and the occasional lowlights depending on the mood when I'm sitting in the chair. I see Austin (she is beyond amazing) at Salon 124.

What is the one beauty product you can't live without? Chapstick! It doesn't take a lot to please this girl. 

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